The Power of Dreaming Together

This weeks conversation with Queering Dreams Co-Founder Crystal Mason is illuminating. PLUS! Crystal shares some tips on how to seed your dreams.

Dear Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

It’s been a packed week here at Casa O’Wyman, home of the Queerly Complex design studio, the west coast office of Queering Dreams, and, in general, my everyday life. And I am thrilled to share with all of you a bit of the behind-the-scenes.

First up is a chat between Crystal Mason and me about our new endeavor Queering Dreams. We spent a little over 90 minutes this past Thursday articulating our values and dreaming our futures together. It was illuminating to say the least, and it is clearly helping us better understand each other, what exactly it is we are co-creating, and where we are trying to go!

PLUS! At 18:00, Crystal Mason shares concrete steps for setting the stage to dream. It worked like a charm for us. We also practice dreaming both alone and together. And dreaming together is a practice unto itself.

Would you like to co-create Queering Dreams with us? Then, please take our short Crystal & Jason’s Comrade Questionnaire. If you’ve already filled it out, we will be in touch in the next two weeks. Promise.

And as a little bonus, I share a bit about my creative process behind Sad Sack: Can’t Stop Crying. Maybe you’ll find a bit of connection or even some humor amidst this overwhelming depression.

In grief, joy, rage, and love,


Queering Dreams: Dreaming Together

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Would you rather read a transcript? Well, you can do so by, clicking here!


SAD SACK: Can’t Stop Crying

Subtitles embedded.

Ever feel like you just can’t stop crying? Well, I totally relate. In fact, to lift my spirits one day I drew this Sad Sack.

Now, it’s on a t-shirt! Maybe their big pink mustache will lift yours too.

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