Some Art Updates: Overjoyed & More!

Save the date / June 9, 2021! Tune in on YouTube Live for the premiere of Overjoyed with Marie Queerdo (and Keith)

VLOG: Overjoyed, Abo Comix, and Anti-Racist Art-Making Praxis



Hey there family, comrades, and neighbors.

It's Jason Wyman here. Coming to you with three different updates this week.

The first one is about Overjoyed.You might remember a video I did last March with my dear friend and performance artist Midori about Overjoyed with Marie Queerdo (and Keith)! Well, we're finally actually getting to stage it after it was cancelled last year due to COVID. It is going to be put on on Wednesday, June 9th at around 1:30 p.m Pacific Time, and we're gonna be staging it at SOMArts Cultural Center, the place that we originally were supposed to stage this. It's going to be a part of Emergence, which is a professional development conference for art workers by Emerging Arts Professionals Network, which is being curated by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen. I am thrilled that Midori and I finally can present this incredibly hilarious spoof of Marie Kondo called Overjoyed with Marie Queerdo (and Keith)! Stay tuned for more information, including how to register and tune in to the YouTube livestream.

The second update that I have is I need help writing birthday cards for Abo Comix. Abo Comix provides support and publishes art by LGBTQIA artists who are also in prison and or jail. For the last year, I have been doing a monthly birthday card writing and reading event on the second Thursday of the month. This past May there was a smaller group than I anticipated, and we have additional folks that need birthday cards. And I could really use some help in getting birthday cards out to Abo Comix artists. If you would like to do that, please reach out to me, and I will walk you through the process. It really isn't that difficult. And if you would like to join me for our Monthly Card Writing and Reading Series, it is on the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm PT. The next one coming up is on Thursday June 10th—the day after my performance of Overjoyed.

And finally…I do have a presentation that I pulled together in August of 2020 on both anti-bias education and anti-racist art-making. It was part of an anti-racism training that the San Francisco Opera put on, and they asked me to come in and share a little bit about my own practice as an artist and arts educator. I took a look through the slideshow this morning again and realized I have a really good presentation here and would love to be able to continue this conversation around anti-biased education and moving it into anti-racist arts praxis, actually. So if you would like to continue a conversation about anti-racist art praxis please let me know. I would love to set up a little session to chat. I can share a little bit about what I've done and the presentation I created for the SF Opera, and also create space for others to share how you are addressing anti-racist praxis in your own art making.

That's all I have for right this moment. Thank-you so much for tuning in, for following Queerly Complex and my own art making.

There will be more for sure. There always is.

Ciao for now.

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SF Opera Presentation: Anti-Racist Praxis in Arts Education

Image description: Title slide with the words, “Anti-Racist Praxis in Arts Education, a presentation for the SF Opera. On the bottom reads, “” and “Jason Wyman, August 2020.”

Image description: A a slide defining anti-racist. “Being Anti-Racist means acknowledging and understanding the privileges historically afforded to my ancestors (and thus conferred onto me and my body) based on economic and political definitions of White and as a result the generational and systemic harm caused to all considered “not White.” As a result, I have an obligation to interrogate the ways in which my actions, thoughts, and beliefs contribute to and potentially further White as the default or ideal body and cultural politic and actively work towards abolishing the political and economic structures that define White as default or ideal.

Image description: A photo from a training I co-developed with Gemikia Henderson at RYSE Youth Center. A black hand is holding a white sheet of paper. On the paper in purple marker it reads, “Together we will create brave space.”

Download the entire PDF presentation.

Abo Comix Monthly Birthday Card Writing & Reading Group

Image description: A digital flyer announcing “Abo Comix Monthly Birthday Card Writing, 2nd Thur, 6:30pm PT.”

I need some help getting out birthday cards to Abo Comix artists for May. Wanna help? Please let me know at jason [at] queerlycomplex [dot] com.

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Past Links That Are Still Relevant

  • The Issue, Issue #1 & #2 — Over 2017-2018, I had the incredible fortune to co-create The Issue, an intergenerational magazine about from the Alliance Youth Media Network with Myah Overstreet. It is an artistic highlight for me, and some of the artists in The Issue are folx I still co-create with today.

  • The Fortune Teller at The News at SOMArts — Way back when The News, a monthly queer performance series, was a regular mainstay on the SOMArts Stage, I was invited to craft an immersive performance art piece with Anne Carol Mitchell. That was the night I met Midori, who’s become such a dear friend and comrade. It is one of the rare pieces that got professional edited into a video, so check it out.

  • “Dear Mars” — I wrote a poem in 2020 because I didn’t know what to write in the birthday cards I was sending to Abo Comix artists.