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There's a short vlog, some diagrams, an old selfie, and even highlighted links to past content

VLOG: Art Camp for Comrades & [Focused] Artist Salons


Hey there family, comrades, and neighbors. 

It’s Jason Wyman here. I am out on my stoop early on Thursday morning just hanging out wanting to share some information with you. I've been busy at work creating two different programs/products or services that I will be launching this summer.

The first is something called Art Camp for Comrades. It is a cohort-based educational and camping model—virtual camping model—for artists, organizers, activists, and comrades. It is inspired by an invitation to work with Presidio Theatre that I ended up turning down, but which birthed actually an incredible collaborative project. I am working with between eight to ten artists across the country to do a one-week art camp at the beginning of August. There are only four paid for tickets, and it'll help pay the contributing artists. It'll also help pay for some community members to actually attend. Again, it's called Art Camp for Comrades. I'm going to be putting up some information about it in just a moment. Stay tuned for that!

The second one is an iteration of Artist Salons that I've been doing since this past December. The day after my dad died, I reached out to three queer and non-binary artists across the country, and we founded a Queer and Trans Artist Salon that we have been running since February. Our final salon will be this month in just a couple of weeks, and I'm taking everything that I've learned from running these and I'm going to be seeding this idea in a variety of other communities, not just queer and trans artists. I’m thinking about southern artists, thinking about youth artists, thinking about immigrant artists—the different communities in which that I work and create within. Even if they're not necessarily my identity, per se, they are the communities in which I reside, and so I'm excited to be able to bring Art Salons, or what I'm calling {Focused] Art Salons out into the world, which are a decentralized and distributive way for us to gather as artists together and get to know one another, share our art, and build relations. 

All of these things are based off of decades of work that I have been doing sustaining peer-based, flat educational models, trying to figure out how we convene together and co-create together. And are all in service of a big book that I am in the process of writing. This blog is a part of that book actually. 

So please reach out to me. Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk about Art Camp for Comrades, or if you want to talk about [Focused] Art Salons. 

Really, it all starts with a conversation. I can put a little bit of information on my blog, or on my website, or online. But, really, this is about relationships. It's about conversation. It's about building something collectively together, which can only happen with you. So while I might have an idea, we need to be in dialogue in order to make these things actually happen. 

So, please, if you want to know more, please, reach out. It's super easy to get in touch with me. I'll put it in all of the descriptions of this video. (I‘m not gonna say it on the video, but you know how to get in touch with me, and we can just take it from there.) 

It's just that easy.

All right. Ciao for now!


Some [Focused] Artist Salons Diagrams

Image description: Three different diagrams that show a possible progression for [Focused] Artist Salons. It is based on how the Queer & Trans Artist Salon I co-created came together.

The first diagram shows four circles with the word “Artist” in the middle in a circle with each other. The text at the bottom reads, “Each "[Focused] Artist Salon starts with 4 artists with something in common. *This is a spot that can be scaled by a factor of 4.

The second diagram shows the four Artist circles reaching outside their circle and connecting with another Artist circle. The text at the bottom reads, “Each artist invites another artist.”

The third and final diagram shows all eight Artist circles in a circle with each other. The text at the bottom reads, “There should be 8 artists total.”

These are diagrams that will be included in a manual I am writing about how we organized the Queer & Trans Artist Salon, and how others can organize their own [Focused] Artist Salon.

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A Selfie from October 2019

Image description: Everyone loves a good selfie.

But what about those unflattering ones. Like the one after you’ve just woken up from major surgery, and you’re puffy and delirious, your eyes are crusty and swollen, your dressing gown is disheveled, and your mouth is so fucking parched your lips refuse to close? Like the one above?

Well, I love those selfies, too. So here you go!

Past Links That Are Still Relevant

  • A Public Letter about YBCA's Guaranteed Income Pilot — In March 2021, I reached out to KQED reporter Chloe Veltman about YBCA’s Guaranteed Income Pilot. We’ve been speaking since. There’s more to this story that will soon be coming to light. Catch up in the mean time.

  • Chit Chat: Midori & Jason Are Overjoyed — Midori and I chatted about our a performance art piece called Overjoyed with Marie Queerdo (and Keith) back in early March 2021. And…we are about to stage it as part of Emergence, a professional development conference for art workers in the Bay Area. More info about how to tune in either in person or virtually soon!

  • A Public Letter to Youth Media — Back in January 2021, I wrote a good-bye letter to youth media. I got to share some of the incredible work we did as part of the Alliance Youth Media Network in 2020. Looks like I’m not quite done, though. :) I’m helping co-produce a conversation about abolitionist practice in youth media in June 2021. More soon.

  • Chit Chat: Juan Carlos Escobedo — Last week, I published my latest Chit Chat with San Antonio-based artist Juan Carlos Escobedo of paid subscribers. It’s now available to all subscribers. Go check it out and learn more about my dear friend and comrade Juan Carlos.