Samhain: Birth Rite & QUEERSPELL

In the mountains of Oljon, unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land that is known as Pescadero, I found myself recording at dawn and dusk on Samhain. Two days later: a birth rite was crafted.

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Birth Rite

On Samhain in the year 2021, I found myself with my mom and my husband on Oljon, unceded Ramytush Ohlone land (or what is otherwise known as Pescadero).

I woke, as always, before the sun and made my way outside alone. As I stared at the mountainside facing east, I heard the world wake. I grabbed some bells1, my iPad and phone, and began recording and recording and recording, layering the sounds of the beginning of the day.

At the end of the day, I was at the beach with my mom and husband. We ate burritos, chile rellanos, and chips and guacamole as the sun lowered into the marine layer. I grabbed my phone and started recording, unsure of exactly what I was doing and instead feeling my way.

On November 1, 2021, and again before dawn, I sat down and crafted an audio piece. When it was done, I noticed it was exactly six minutes and 12 seconds, the date of my birth and my weight at birth.

On November 2, 2021, and yet again before dawn, I sat down and crafted a video piece. I deleted all original audio and focused in on feelings of looping, mesmerization, psychedelia, and washing, the same feelings I felt in the audio. But I did not add in the sound piece until after the entire video was crafted.

This alchemy over three days created Samhain: Birth Rite. It is a work of magic / art / media / introspection / ethnography.

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Before I sat down to compose the audio for “Birth Rite,” I cast a QUEERSPELL to guide me. As I was casting, I realized it had been one year since casting my first QUEERSPELL. The center rune within this particular spell reminds me to:

Remember the cycle of a year; everything has a space / time.

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Not quite bells, but audio recordings of bells.