Politics Is a Clown Show; Be a Clown

some art from earlier in 2020 that feels more relevant than ever

In January 2020, I was already sick of this presidential election, so I decided to give myself some political advice:

Image description: the words, POLITICS IS A CLOWN SHOW are written in big black block letting. The “O” of SHOW is shaped like a TV, and inside the TV is a clown. Then, it reads, BE A CLOWN, in big white block lettering on a black rectangle.

While I understood this to be true, I also didn’t know what it really meant. I decided to dig into old protests against the United States government whether in the USA or abroad to see what kinds of things have been protested. As I dug in, I discovered photos of armed protest against US armed forces, trans folx demanding justice for loved ones lost to violence either by religion or neighbors or the state (or sometimes all), women demanding the right to vote, abolitionists taking a stand against slavery and Jim Crow, veterans who fought in US imperialist wars marching to end all war.

I saw a whole legacy of resistance to United States oppression, and then I listened to our politicians. They are clowns. We are being clowned. They literally don’t give a fuck.

So…to channel my rage at their clownish, prickish, dickish ways, I decided to make some art out of past protest photos. I turned protestors into clowns to match the foolish, heartlessness of our politicians. And I put onto the protest signs messages to our politicians that cut through their bullshit. Or I hope cut through the bullshit.

Here they are. Enjoy. Share.

And don’t forget: Politics may be a clown show, and we may all be clowns. Still, there are some fucking crucial decisions coming up this election, including VOTING NO on Proposition 22 and VOTING YES on Proposition 15 in California.

Image description: A clown with cyan, braided hair wields a machete that has the words, DEFEND TRANS FOLX, written on it.

Image description: a clown with long, curly, lavender hair holding a sign in front of their body that reads, PRISONS ARE TORTURE.

Image description: a clown with an orange flattop holding a sign above their body that reads, CAPITALISM EQUALS EXTINCTION.

Image description: a clown with two purple afro puffs holding a sign next to them that reads, CUTS KILL (with “kill” dripping blood), on one side and, TAX THE RICH, on the other.

Image description: five clowns in various states of dress and undress holding a banner that reads, KEEP YOUR HANDS + RELIGION OFF OUR BODIES.

Image description: a clown with pink poofy hair holding a sign above their head that reads, MONEY ISN’T VALUE.

Image description: a group of femme clowns in long skirts signs above their heads that read out, WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN CAPITAL. Some clowns also hold signs that read, FUCK PROFIT, CAPITALISM IS TOXIC, and CAPITALISM IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT.

Image description: a clown with an orange mohawk with their back to view. On their back is a patch that reads, THE PRESIDENT HAS TOO MUCH POWER!

Image description: two clowns with long hair holding a sign above their heads that reads, FUCK GENDER!

Image description: a clown with purple mullet holding a sign in front of their body that reads, CRIME IS LEGAL.