Poems, Portraits, and Recipes for Sale

Buy a unique, limited-edition digital gift from me personalized for anyone you love (or love to hate)

Dear friends, neighbors, and comrades,

I’ve got a pretty big announcement. For the last five years, I’ve had a steady client that has made my artist life infinitely more comfortable and easier. Starting January 1, 2021, they will no longer be my main source of income. In fact, I’m heading into 2021 uncertain of my exact sources of income. This is both exhilarating and a wee bit terrifying.

So…to help me start 2021 with a little bit of coin, I’m throwing a small holiday sale of limited-edition, personalized digital gifts.

My goal is to raise $400 by creating 8 unique gifts that will be delivered electronically on January 31, 2021.

At $50 per gift, I hope to create an affordable price point for not just a piece of art, but for the experience of co-creating art with me.

It’s an ideal gift for yourself, a loved one, or even someone you’d like to send a message to but just don’t know how.

There are three main gifts to choose from:

  • POEMS - I will write a short poem inspired by a conversation we have about a person or subject of your choosing.

  • PORTRAITS - I will create a 4 inch by 6 inch, digital pop art portrait based on a selfie or portrait shared by you. The portrait will be print-ready, and you will be able to print as many copies as you like.

  • RECIPES - I will create a recipe for you based on your desired tastes, your skills and talents in the kitchen, and items in your pantry.

Each gift comes with:

  • a 30 minute one-on-one conversation to help define the individual elements of the poem, portrait, or recipe between now and December 31, 2020;

  • a personalized email to share with the gift recipient by the holidays informing them of their gift;

  • a gift sent to a recipient by email on January 31, 2021.

To purchase a gift, fill out this short form. ONLY 8 GIFTS REMAIN IN 2020!

Thank you all so much for reading my newsletter / blog and supporting me as an artist. While 2021 may be filled with uncertainty for me, y’all are the stars that help me chart a course towards intergenerational, multi-racial, autonomous collective dreaming and liberation.

In love + solidarity + camaraderie + artistry,

Jason Wyman




Thanks to my dear friend and fellow artist Midori, I was invited to write erotic haiku at the Opening Reception for Seduction at the Asian Art Museum in 2015. I confidentially and publicly interviewed about 30 people about their delights and pleasures. These poems reveal the intimate desires of some guests that evening. And they represent how an interview gets turned into poetry. Subject matter for poems can vary.

Image description: “Peggy’s Haiku” — bending spine rustles | it comes on, I move away | pelvis rests, I scream

Image description: “L.I'.’s Haiku” — gasping, merging, more | don’t stop rolling quality | then relaxation

Image description: “Tim’s Haiku” — sixteen years old | all giddiness, hunger, calm | we sat laughing



This is a series of pop art portraits based on social media posts I did for my friend Tomas’ 40th birthday. Each is four inches by six inches. I love the use of humor, color, and community communicated through these portraits. This is the style I will be using for all pop art portraits.

Image description: a pop art portrait of Tomas with his arms up and a wild expression drawn on his face.

Image description: a pop art portrait of Manny, Tomas, and Enrique based on a photo taken during a street fair with silly expressions drawn on their faces.

Image description: A pop-art portrait of Manny, John, Jason, Tomas, Enrique, and Eric based on a photo taken at a dinner with goofy and semi-annoyed expressions drawn on their faces.



These recipes were specifically created for an art project titled Queer Artists’ Dinner, which I launched in January 2020. The design of these recipes is meant to break them down into their visual component parts rather than specific measurements. Their black and white, pixelated aesthetic signifies that these recipes are bad representations, and thus this is an imperfect recipe. My desire is to inspire people to think differently and creatively rather than follow exacting directions.

Image description: A recipe for Spicy Daikon. Peel a large daikon and cube it. Then, add all of the cubed daikon and mix: this much salt, this much garlic chili paste, this much chili flake, this much pulverized ginger, two cubes of pulverized palm sugar, this much minced green onion, this much rice vinegar, this much dark soy sauce, one mashed black garlic bulb. Let set for two days + serve.

Image description: A recipe for Pickled Carrots. Peel about a dozen carrots and cut like below. Then, add all of this to the finely sliced carrots and mix: this much salt, this much sugar, this much chili powder, this much powdered ginger, one TBSP coconut syrup, a generous pour of spicy this. Put carrot mixture into a container and cover with white vinegar until the carrots are fully submerged. Let set for two days + serve.

Image description: A recipe for Delish Relish. Cut one red onion, eight small sweet peppers, two jalapeños, and a piece of ginger about an inch like this. Then, add all of this to the julienned veggies + mix: this much salt, this much sugar, this much onion powder, this much bittersweet paprika, this much ground saffron, this much lemon juice, this much vinegar. Let set for two days + serve.