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Hi there family, comrades, and neighbors.

It is Jason Wyman, here. Coming to you with another weekly update. Yay! I'm actually getting good at this. Anyway, I wanted to update you today about a new project that I'm creating called Art Camp for Comrades in collaboration with 10 collaborating artists across the country.

Art Camp for Comrades is a week of personal, professional, and creative development designed specifically for artists, facilitators, and organizers who have some sort of community practice and want to find new introspective, reflective, generative, and communal experiences and exercises to be able to incorporate into their art-making or their organizing or their practice and pedagogies. It is being co-designed with these fabulous artists. And I'm going to try to remember everyone's name: Izza Anwar, Aden Suchak, Crystal Mason, Kafi-Ayanna Allah, Kapi’olani Lee, Midori, Rihannon Evans MacFadyen, Fernando Vieira, Gabriel Torres, and the last one is CieraJevae Gordon. I'm so thrilled to be working with these fabulous artists. These are all folks that I have co-created or collaborated with over the last year or even for some of them for over a decade. I am thrilled that they are helping me brainstorm all of the praxis and all of the pedagogies for Art Camp. You are bound to find something new in Art Camp because all of these artists come from different backgrounds, have different cultures, have different artistic expressions, themes that they actually like to look at and work within.

Each day at Art Camp—there are four days in Art Camp—and each day is structured in such a way that we have a morning session, we have some time off for some own personal reflection / dreaming / some doing some things, we have a little lunch time session, we do a little break, we have a little afternoon session, and then we have an optional happy hour where artists can actually casually connect about all of the projects that they're working on and troubleshoot / share, all that kind of stuff. It really is about creating a community of artists that love Black, Indigenous, queer, trans, immigrant, disabled, Southern, rural, and formerly incarcerated artists. That is who we are creating community for, and I am absolutely thrilled to be doing this.

At camp itself, there will only be 12 campers. That's right only 12 campers. This is small and intimate so that we can really make sure that we take care of each other and design for the accessibility for everyone. Those campers are broken down into three categories. One category, or four of the campers, are gonna be drawn from the 10 Collaborating Artists, so there might be different artists participating each day.

Four campers are what I'm calling our Fellow campers (meant to say Artists). These are folks that come from communities that we’re already creating within, and that we want to make sure are included and in order to include them in Art Camp, they actually need to be stipended for participation. Who are some of our Fellow campers/Artists? Well, we're going to be drawing someone hopefully from a partnership that I have with Abo Comix, who is LGBTQI+ and formerly incarcerated in jail or prison. Another Fellow camper/Artist is going to be a Black or Indigenous young person in partnership with RYSE Center. We'll also be working to identify an immigrant or refugee artist through the networks of artists that I have been supporting this last year+ with Rupy C. Tut and the New York Foundation for the Arts. And the last one we're going to find is a Southern, Rural artist because I'm involved nationally in the Southern Community Cultural Alliance, and I want to make sure that we continue supporting our Southern, rural artists.

There will also be space for four Patron Artists, that's four Patron Artists. Patron Artists are artists that might have already…might already have some means and want to continue contributing into the creation of arts communities. These could be again artists, facilitators, or organizers. We're asking for both a time commitment and a financial contribution of $1500 from our Patron Artists. A third of that $1500 is going to go directly to paying Contributing Artists. A third of that $1500 goes directly to one Fellow Artist. That's right. Each ticket supports one Fellow Artist in the form of a $500 stipend. And then the remaining $500 [is] split among Art Kits, so that we can ensure that every single person gets all of the materials to do all of the art projects that we're going to be doing, as well as some basic administration so that we can make this thing run successfully.

Facilitation, writing, and art are all provided in-kind, and actually will be documented and cited as such in both the budget and in the larger curriculum that we are designing.

Patron Artists, as well as all artists, are going to be walking away not only with a community of incredible artists across this entire country, they're also going to be walking away with actual art projects—you're making stuff! You're going to be making stuff for four days, so you'll have an individual piece of art as well as a piece of art that you helped contribute to. That's happening every single day. As well as a toolkit that will include all of the praxis, the citations, the biographies, how to find all of the artists that have contributed to it, as well as all of the activities, lessons, and everything else that we are doing. And it will be governed by a Creative Commons 4.0 license so that anyone who uses or gets the curriculum and toolkit can actually use that toolkit in whatever way that they actually want.

That is all I have about art camp.

I am still looking for 4 Patron Artists. If that happens to be you, please let me know. I would love to include you as a Patron Artist. Again, there are only four spots, and I'm already receiving a bunch of interest in that. So if you want to be one of those spots, please reach out to me at my email jason [at] queerlycomplex [dot] com. I'll make sure that it's written out for you [at] jason queerlycomplex [dot] com.

Thank you so much for watching this little bit longer update video, as well as for supporting my art-making and community-building over all of the years that i've been alive. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to provide Art Camp for Comrades and convene this incredibly diverse community of artists from all across the country working in a variety of different disciplines, from a variety of cultural and identity backgrounds. I am thrilled, and I hope you will be joining me.

Ciao for now.

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Art Camp for Comrades Slideshow

Image description: “Art Camp for Comrades: title slide. It is done in clean hand-lettering in white against a black background. The word “comrades” is split in half by a fist holding a fountain pen as if it is going to stab someone. The fist looks like it is pink neon. The end of the pen comes to a point. Underneath it reads, “from wherever you call home (and zoom), Aug 3 -6, 2021.

Check out the entire Art Camp for Comrades Slideshow!

Overjoyed! with Marie Queerdo (and Keith)

Overjoyed! is coming June 9, 2021 at 1:30pm PT / 2:30pm MT / 3:30pm CT / 4:30pm ET!! And guess what? We’ve changed our format from a YouTube Livestream to a Zoom Performance (with a Live Studio Audience). That’s right, you can actually participate in Overjoyed! with Marie Queerdo (and Keith).

It’s all a part of Emergence 2021: Practical Is Radical, “a collaborative platform for Bay Area arts & culture workers to connect, share ideas, and elevate their work and voices” by Emerging Arts Professionals.

Image description: Digital flyer for Emergence 2021: Practical Is Radical,, June 9-7.

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Recommended Viewing

So…..I watch a lot of talks and vlogs. There’s something about the format that I really appreciate. I mostly listen as I am drawing / making / designing. It helps me focus and often guides my hand. Here’s some of the things I’ve listened to while creating this past month.

  • The Red Nation Live Stream with Ussama Makdisi by The Red Nation — I shared The Red Deal by The Red Nation previously, so when their podcast did a YouTube Livestream with Ussama Makdisi about Sheikh Jarrah and Indigenous resistance against settler colonialism I had to watch. That these conversations and connections between peoples and movements continue to strengthen, grow, and cultivate reminds me how much bigger than myself everything is.

  • Beyond the Bars 2021: Abolition in 2021, a conversation with Gina Dent, Dean Spade, Dawn Harrington, and Ivan Calaff — I follow Haymarket Books channel on YouTube, and they are currently participating in the Beyond the Bars 2021 Conference. This conversation was nuanced, grounded, and practical. How can we provide more direct aid and support to prisoners? How do we stop carceral thinking and ideologies? What is abolition now and in the future? I feel privileged to live in an era where I get to easily listen in to conversations like these.

  • How To Be Hopeless by Carlos Maza — Wow. I was absolutely gutted and floored by this. By the end I was a heaping sobbing mess, and about five minutes after it ended I hopped on a call to rehearse Overjoyed! That’s what I call balance, I guess. It also feels incredibly fitting to the entirety of Maza’s message. We face the shit of the world and keep creating.

  • Non-Dualism: Everything is everything else by Thought Slime — I’ve been watching Thought Slime videos for a while, and this particular one is superb. I watched it not long after “How To Be Hopeless,” and it feels complementary. It expresses so much of what I’ve come to realize about the world as well: as everything is everything, my self is every thing.

Art Camp for Comrades Poster

Image description: An 11” by 34” poster sharing the holistic praxis and component parts of Art Camp for Comrades, including Dates (August 3 to 6, 2021), What’s Art Camp, Who is Art Camp for, Art Camp structure, Themes & Questions, Collaborating Artists, Art Camp Principles and how they are practiced, Art Camp Budget, and a call to Become a Patron.

To read all of this as a document, click here. To read it as a slideshow, click here.