[Jason's] Unfolding [Queer] Cosmology, The Fifth Post

in which insights by Herman Hesse unfold ablativus absolutus poetics

Note: This is the fifth post in a series I am now titling [Jason’s] Unfolding [Queer] Cosmology. The name has changed to better reflect the specificity of the Cosmology. It is [mine], and [Queer] is the starting point. [Brackets] reference that these words are also placeholders, and the concept of an Unfolding Cosmology can be modified, adapted, iterated, and edited by others starting in different spaces and times.

A Grounding (another new edit)
Re[member / call / frame]: We includes you and me, autonomously and collectively. (1)
Be-come human; be artist, be dreamer. (2)
This is a work-in-progress (just like me, just like us).
We are not complete. We are neither a beginning nor an end. We exist only here and now.
…what is unfolding shall always unfold what is unfolding shall always unfold…

(1) This new opening line comes from a conversation with Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen on Tuesday, November 18, 2020, about anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, and mutual aid. During our chat, Rhiannon noted the way “we” and “I” are yielded differently by different people based on the power they yield and the control they are imposing. This is my poetic re[phrasing] of her concept in language / rhetoric reflecting this particular Unfolding Cosmology.

(2) This is a re[phrasing] of German romantic Novalis’s concept, '“Mensch werden ist eine Kunst,” introduced to me in the Introduction to The Fairy Tales of Herman Hesse translated by Jack Zipes, which translates to, “to become a human being is art”.

Insights Via Herman Hesse

“…[Professor Siedler] said in a fatherly tone, ‘There is no construction to be used here other than the ablativus absolutus. Only by using it will you suddenly become media in res.’”

“Martin immediately followed this advice… It included the world and made a clean sweep of every kind of past in such a thorough way that everything became bright and full of the present and future.”

“[Martin] closed his eyes and rushed down an eternal predestined street resounding with music, and he felt somewhat dizzy. Now no knowledge, no deed, nor anything earthly waited for him at the end anymore.”

Excerpts from “The Beautiful Dream” by Herman Hesse, translated by Jack Zipes


Ablativus absolutus, a phrase that marks a specificity of time, place, circumstance, be-ing separated from its predicate, which implies a possible contextualization.


(ablativus absolutus) The March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation erasing trans folx from our movement, (predicate) I was a closeted senior in high school dreaming of kissing a boy.

(ablativus absolutus) A divisive and polarizing election season underway, (predicate) [The Alliance] Youth Media Network (re)launched under multi-racial, intergenerational guidance and co-creation.

(ablativus absolutus) San Francisco Chronicle publishing a racist column about Aptos Middle School in 2020, (predicate) I changed course as a teaching artist and centered personal and speculative storytelling as a practice of liberation and healing.


Media in res or in medias res, (to find oneself) in the midst of a sequence, a story, an event, a space, a time.

A Possible Way Into:

Close your eyes and let yourself feel.
Notice a place, a space, a time.
Hold it tenderly for a moment.
Then, let it be.

Keep closed your eyes and feel even more.
Notice another place, another space, another time.
Linger a little longer and discover a detail.
Let it all be.

Keep closed your eyes even longer and feel just a little more.
Notice yet another place, yet another space, yet another time.
Stay here for just a little while longer letting your memories and dreams mingle.
Let all simply be.

Open your eyes slowly and feel all be.
Notice all the places, all the spaces, all the times.
Doodle, journal, move, photograph, create re[membrances / flections / interpretations].
Let what is created be.

Let all be.


Some Unfolding Ablativus Absolutus Poetics

“This Here + Now”

Be-ing simply
Cats napping in arms and on laps, . . .
Dawn hiding behind thick layers of fog, . . .
(Re)appropriating tales for queer and trans liberation, . . .
Myriad selves re[flecting / maining], . . .
Natacha Atlas soulfully singing, . . .
Simply, be

“All That Came Before: This Here + Now”

A Vanguard of queers and trans folx and sex workers using media and zines for collective liberation preceding Compton’s Cafeteria Riot, . . .
California youth organizing against racist, xenophobic, and three strikes propositions (re)igniting a statewide movement of youth be-ing artists and organizers and educators and dreamers, . . .
Decentralized communities of direct action and self defense and mutual aid Occupying Wall Street and Beyond (re)imagining autonomous collectivity, . . .
RYSE Center rising up Richmond Youth to create and design and build a RYSE Commons containing all of their love and rage to fuel liberation, . . .
Queerly (re)reading The Fairy Tales of Herman Hesse, . . .
Indigenous self-governance throughout Oaxacan municipalities leading to urban, Indigenous and migrant youth creating counterspaces resisting increased police violence and neoliberal militarization . . .
San Francisco Supervisors and Mayor again and again ignoring thousands of neighbors demanding, “Defund SFPD” all summer and fall, . . .

“All That Is Possible: This Here + Now”

Indigenous communities across all lands free of state control, violence, and capitalist influence, . . .
Autonomous zones (re)[telling / sharing / creating] stories of queer and trans and racial liberation, . . .
San Francisco government follows grassroots organizers and defunds police reinvesting in communities of mutual aid and direct action and community defense, . . .
Racism and fascism and capitalism abolished, . . .
All be-ing free

Image description: A diagram of [Jason’s] Unfolding [Queer] Cosmology mapping the “All That Came Before”, the “Here And Now”, and the “All That Is Possible” of this particular post. Moments are written in carnation pink on pale yellow circles of various sizes, which are outlined in black and have white spirals partially filling them. Sea foam, curving and looping lines connect various moments revealing ways in which “All That Came Before” is carried into “All That Is Possible” and how “All That Is Possible” helps (re)contextualize “All That Came Before”.

A Closing for This Here + Now

Well…you got to the end of this post. :)

Thank-you for taking this poetic, non-linear journey.

I have no good off ramp from this moment, for this moment is still unfolding for me.

So let me end with a (re)membrance:

. . . what is unfolding shall always unfold what is unfolding shall always unfold . . .

Image description: A selfie of me I took at the end of writing this post. My face is brightly illuminated and my hair and beard is disheveled. I am wearing all black. I am set against a black backdrop.