Chit Chat with Juan Carlos Escobedo

"...just talk on it, just speak on it and say what you see. You don’t have to over intellectualize it."

Chit Chat is a video interview series where an artist-comrade and I shoot the shit about our art, values, practices, and praxis for 30 to 60 minutes. There will be uproarious laughter, cursing like a sailor, idle chatter, and maybe even a tear or two. Consider it a love letter between two friends about how we collectively get free.

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I am thrilled to be launching this new Chit Chat with San Antonio-based artist and dear friend, Juan Carlos Escobedo. There’s a lot we dig into here. From art appreciation to capitalism to materiality to identity, we share stories, politics, and ideas that reflect our experiences individually and collectively.

Watch below or read the transcript. (Thanks Paula for your help!)

Chit Chats Coming Soon: Crystal Mason, Shalini Agrawal, and Kapi’olani Lee.

This video is Closed Captioned. You can also read the transcript.