Chit Chat: Midori & Jason Are Overjoyed

A scheduled queer performance gets interrupted by COVID; now its opening up portals in space and time.

Chit Chat is a new video interview series where an artist-comrade and I shoot the shit about our art, values, practices, and praxis for 30 to 60 minutes. There will be uproarious laughter, cursing like a sailor, idle chatter, and maybe even a tear or two. Consider it a love letter between two friends about how we collectively get free.

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Hey Neighbors, Comrades, and Family!

Welcome to my new artist talk video series, Chit Chat!

In this one, you get to meet my dear friend Midori, an artist and sex educator here in San Francisco. I often have the privilege and honor to co-create with her, and she's become close family over the years.

Midori and I are devising a new participatory virtual performance that will premiere this year. YAY! Here we talk a bit about how it came to be, how COVID affected our original premiere, and its inspiration and impacts on our praxis.

I'm overjoyed to create this with Midori and to be able to share it with y'all, my neighbors, comrades, and family.

And! More will be coming soon. I have a lot of new content on the way. Please be patient as it comes together and emerges. I am taking my sweet ass time cause I ain't no machine and FUCK capitalism.

That's all I got for now.

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In camaraderie + solidarity + artistry + love,


A note about accessibility: At this moment, closed captioning is provided through YouTube. I am currently working on a closed captioning workflow to ensure all content is as accessible as possible. I welcome suggestions, ideas, and resources that may help make content more accessible to as many as possible. We can only be free when all our siblings, ancestors, and neighbors are free.