Art Update: Outreach, Outreach, Outreach

I need your help cause there's something B-I-G coming in November!!!!!

Dear Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

Whoops! I missed a week with my Art Updates. My apologies. I am back this week with a special announcement: OUTREACH!

I want, no need, your help sharing my shit.

I’ve been hard at work with Crystal Mason on Queering Dreams, and we have a whole line up of amazing events with artists across what’s politically known as the United States. From San Antonio to New Jersey to Philly to Richmond (VA) to Portland to back to the Bay there will be something for queer & trans folx, immigrant artists, folx dreaming abolition, folx who love improv, and folx co-creating our liberation from capitalism, White Supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, colonialism, and the of the fucking shit shit of tyranny and oppression.

Wow! You are not going to want to miss all of the fuckin’ shit coming up, and I am sure you know at least one comrade who’d like to join in. Well, share my shit! And if they are interested they’ll sign up for one of myriad newsletters. (Speaking of which, Are y’all on the Queerly Complex one? Cause if not, you’ll get a code for 15% OFF when you sign up!) I’ll be posting the calendar announcement across all of the place I show up online.

So…please go share my shit with a comrade who’s dreaming our liberation from capitalism, White Supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, colonialism and the fucked up crap of tyranny and oppression.

Thanks so much for supporting & being a comrade.

In camaraderie & solidarity,


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Vlog: A Pitch for Outreach

To read the transcript click here.

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Art Show at Ingleside Art Gallery — Oct 29-31, 2021

What?!? I am in a Group Show at Ingleside Art Gallery (1507 Ocean Ave, San Francisco) at the end of the month! You will be able to check out both a QUEERSPELL in person and some Queerly Complex merch! Whoot!! I’ll post the exact times I’ll be there in an Art Update soon! Or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay in the know.


Queering Dreams Episode 5: Querying Circle

Crystal Mason and I sat down to chat all about our latest tool Querying Circles. We also dive into talking story and the value of conversation. If you’d like to skip directly to the tool we created, click here. Or watch the whole episode here. You can also get the agenda and transcript here.

Queering Dreams Comrade Interest Form


Image Description: The QUEERSPELL logo with the words: Queerspell and by Jason Wyman over it.

A huge shoutout and B-I-G thank you to all the folx who have already bought a QUEERSPELL!

Using ethnography, the esoteric, and aesthetics & design, I craft spells that set intention for inquiry, for a moment, for millennia. They perfect for your self or even as a gift.

For $50, you get 40 minutes of my time. I’ll ask some questions of you as I trace an emergent ethnography that will reveal a hidden intention. I will share a photo of the hand-crafted spell I cast.

To get book an appointment and get started email me at

Learn More about QUEERSPELL