Art Update: One-on-Ones, Money, and More

It's been a busy week that's also clouded by news of US violence along our borders; I'm grateful for my comrades & practices that help me navigate it all.

Dear Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

Whew! I’m full. And it feels like I keep finding space to become even fuller. It’s almost as if my cup is growing rather than overflowth. And that is in HUGE part due to the fact that I am in co-creative process with incredible comrades including Crystal Mason, Rupy C. Tut, Keyssh, Kapi’olani Lee, Momos Cheekos, Dandelion Arts Finance Program, and even my hubby, John.

It feels great to not feel alone, especially this week when our US government keeps getting caught in the vile, racist, White Supremacist light it shines on itself along all of our borders (see Haitian refugees and asylum seekers in Texas). And we must also remember our borders are not just between Canada, Mexico, and the oceans. We have borders within the United States that we violate again and again and again. (See: Line 3, DAPL, Mauna Kea, the history of US violence and aggression against Indigenous peoples and American Indians, and the ongoing crisis and underreporting of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.) (If you want Indigenous perspectives on all of this, visit The Red Nation.)

One way I decrease my own feelings of depression and isolation is through an organizing tool I picked up way back in college thanks to the Grassroots Organizing Weekend held by the United States Student Association in 1998. It’s called a One-on-One, and it really is as simple as its name implies. I share a little bit more in my Vlog below. And Crystal Mason and I will be diving into it even more in our new episode of Queering Dreams, launching on our YouTube Channel.

I also have really been diving into Queer Cosmologies and Queer Spells as a form of deep introspection, inquiry, and intention-setting. It’s really helped me reorient all of space, time, relations, and return.

And now, I have a special offer: Queer Spells for Your Self (or someone you cherish.) They're the perfect gift for your self (or someone you cherish) and come with a One-on-One session with moi. (More below, too!) To start the process message me here or at

Well…there’s more in the video and in the other sections below. Thanks for reading and subscribing!

In camaraderie, solidarity, artistry, and love,

Jason Wyman


Vlog: One-on-Ones, Money, & More!

Accessibility note: This video is closed captioned. You can also read a transcript of the video. I will no longer be including the full transcript within these eNewsletters to save a bit of space as there’s quite a bit to share!

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I have a special offer for this magical time of year: Queer Spells!

This is a season for introspection, approaching darkness, and setting intention. And as I love (and am wide awake) during the Witching Hours this time of year, my Queer Spells are cast as dawn approaches.

They're the perfect gift for your self (or someone you cherish) and come with a One-on-One session with moi. To start the process message me here or at

Here is the finished spell.

Image description: This spell was cast over three days, was started during the full moon, and finished this morning (Sept 13, 2021). It includes runes and the I Ching with a recognition of space, time, ancestors, return, and that it was cast on unceded Raymatush Ohlone land. East faces up as that is the direction I faced while casting it. The main colors are black, pale lavender, gray, and pink. There is a sea foam green circle encasing the spell.

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