Art Update Extravaganza: All The Things Right Now

Whew! This one is chock full of good tidbits.

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Hey there family, comrades, and neighbors.

It's Jason Wyman, here, coming to you with another weekly update. I wanted to give you a little bit more information about Art Camp. Yeah…oh my god…it's happening… “It's happening,” as Juno Birch would say. And it really feels real because I've been meeting with our Collaborating Artists over the last week, and the ideas that are being generated, the experiences and the activities that everyone is going to be able to have as part of Art Camp is just…it's out of this world! It's really going to be spectacular. I'm really excited.

I've also been reaching out to our Fellow Artists, so I've started the legwork of talking to folks and reaching out to collaborators and partners to identify our Fellow Artists. And hopefully I will be hearing back from folks very soon. Again, oh my gosh…

I do have some space remaining for Patron Artists. Again, Patron Artists can afford a $1500 contribution to Art Camp and want to participate in Art Camp and meet our Fellow Artists and our Collaborating Artists. It is a great opportunity for an artist that might have more of a solitary practice and is looking for a community of artists to get away with, to create with, to just kind of get away from their own ideas and maybe be exposed to new ideas, new practices, new ways of making. It is also great for, you know, folx in organizations who have professional development budgets and might be in roles of facilitation or program director or teaching in some way, shape, or form. You'll be learning a lot of different activities and experiences that you can incorporate into your existing work as well.

The second thing I wanted to tell you about is that I have been shortlisted for an artist residency. The idea that I shared and that I pitched was doing a series of [Focused] Artist Salons inspired by the Queer and Trans Artist Salon that I had the good fortune of being a part of this last spring. I would be doing it for a global network of teaching artists if i get selected. So cross your fingers. I am really thrilled about this. I am thrilled about it not just because of the being shortlisted—it always feels good to be validated, let's be real about that. I am thrilled about it because I feel great about my interview today, and I feel really good about these Artist Salons. Like, they are a solid idea, and it felt good to have that be seen and have that be considered. And I like that.

And then the third thing is, again…it's happening…is Overjoyed. I am overjoyed right now about Overjoyed! It is actually a part of Emergence, which is a conference for arts and culture workers hosted and produced by Emerging Arts Professionals, which is led by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen. If you would like to attend virtually, you will have to sign up for the Emergence conference as our performance is a part of the conference offerings. Tickets are $35, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. You can find out more information about Emergence all on the website that I will provide in the description of this video because I am not remembering at this particular moment.

Thank you so much to all of you—all of my family, comrades, and neighbors—for tuning in and for being subscribers of It gives me such joy to be able to share my art and my community with all of you.

Ciao for now.

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Image Description: A digital flyer for Overjoyed, which reads “Overjoyed, a performance master class on the art of joy; Featuring Marie Queerdo (and Keith).” The background is pale yellow. There is a large, turquoise splot of ink. The “O” in Overjoyed looks like a zen circle, and the word is in hot fuchsia hand lettering. There is a black-and-white illustration of Marie Queerdo in the lower right.

Overjoyed is a part of Emergence, the conference for arts and culture workers by Emerging Arts Professionals. To attend, you must register for the conference. Tickets are $35, and no one is turned away.


Image description: A flyer for the Dandelion Community Survey. A photo of a dandelion with the words, “Are you an arts, media, and/or cultural worker? We want to hear from you! Take the Dandelion Community Survey today!” written across it.

Are you a Bay Area arts, media, and/or cultural worker? Then, please take a moment and fill out the Dandelion Community Survey. I am proud to be a Dandelion team. We are dedicated to creating arts finance training and workshops that center Indigenous, Black, Latinx, AAPI, queer, trans, immigrant, disabled, independent, poor arts, media, and culture workers.


[Focused] Artist Salons

Image description: A chalk drawing that reads: a Meta Flow; me, “I’ve got Artist Salons;” you, We’ve got artists;” us, “Let’s chat!”

I’ve been helping run peer networks of all sorts ever since I was in high school. I even organized my peers so that the drama nerds could letter just like the football players and thus get a letterman’s jacket at Minnetonka High School. (Yep, I was that kid.)

Well…the day after my dad died, I reached out to three dear queer/non-binary artist-comrades and asked if they wanted to launch a Queer + Trans Artist Salon with me. They said yes. We finished our final Salon in May.

Now, I’ve been iterating on the Queer + Trans Artist Salon model trying to find the simplest way to convene artists around a particular focus. And the idea is really taking off!

Would you like to start an Artist Salon? Well, I’ve pulled together a short slideshow that shows you what it’s all about.

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Some Queer Things

  • My Beautiful LaunderetteJohn and I recently rewatched this movie from 1985, and it was better than I remembered. I loved how the movie’s plot is somewhat meandering. I like that you never really root for any one particular character, except for maybe Tania. Speaking of Tania, she has the best moments by far. It’s written by Hanif Kureishi and directed by Stephen Frears.

  • Dykes Camera Action!I watched this documentary on Kanopy. It was such memory lane! I hadn’t even realized how much lesbian cinema shaped my own formative years. More so even than gay cinema. I think I’ve watched 90-95% of the movies highlighted in this doc. I had a great time hearing more from the directors and film critics. It was also a great reminder of the direct connection between radical activism and art making.

  • How do you say Two-Spirit in Ojibwe? w/ Kai Minosh Pyle” on Red Nation Podcast — I’ve listened to almost all the podcasts up on the Red Nation Podcast already, and I am sure I will be recommending more of them in the future. The whole crew behind it is a joy to listen to, and this episode is no exception. I highly recommend taking the time to really listen to it and not just have it on in the background. There’s history to learn and Indigenous peoples to celebrate. They deserve your attention.


A Final Thought

Image description: A selfie of me with a black mask pulled down over my beard. I am looking straight into the camera smizing. I am wearing a black shirt and a grey coat.

It was my hope to get this update out on Friday morning. Obviously, that didn’t happen. What isn’t so obvious is why.

I was asked by a dear comrade to attend a clinical meeting at their residential treatment program yesterday as part of their community care team. I am honored to be asked and to be among such fabulous comrades who showed up for them. I am also dismayed (always) at the structures of White Supremacy and how they just fuck everyone up. All. The. Fucking. Time. After the meeting, I couldn’t just hop “back to work”. So I didn’t. Instead, I prioritized care. Both of my self and of my community.

It was the right thing to do.