Art Update: An Offering of Rest

It's been a doozy of a week. No. Two years. No. More like a lifetime. So it's ok to rest, and here's my offering.

Howdy Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

Whew! There's just so flipping much happening. From the bogus assault on the San Francisco Board of Education financed by right wingers and perpetuated by the local Democratic party to the fact that I'm still unemployed but getting no unemployment to all the wonderfulness that is Queering Dreams….

Well, it is quite a bit. All of the time.

So, I want to offer some rest. A pause. A break from it all. A moment to be with yourself.

It might be awkward and your mind might race. But if you take a moment to be, truly be, with yourself, you might just discover amidst all of the fuckery a little bit more care and a wee bit more compassion for yourself.

And I think we could all use a little be more compassion for our selves.

In camaraderie & solidarity, Jason

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VLOG: An Offering of Rest

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A Parting Song

Did you know that Diana Ross has a new album? Well, I just found out while distracting myself from writing this update. I took a listen to this song, and it seems incredibly apropos to the topic of rest and just being with yourself.

Hope you enjoy it as much as me.

From Queering Dreams to You…