Art Update: A Moment of Stillness

As I said in the first update this week, there's A LOT going on. Like a lot of a lot. What I'm learning is stillness is healing. Even amidst the overwhelmingness of A LOT.

Howdy Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

Wow! Two Art Updates in one week? I must be feeling inspired. Indeed, I AM!

And even amidst the excitement and delight, I am reminded to be still. To take a moment to pause, so that I can really take in all of the delight. It's quite amazing when you take that moment what you can experience. For me, it's making me feel deeply connected to my relations near & far.

If you need a moment of stillness, I invite you to A Space for Applied Dreaming with Crystal Mason and me on Friday at 4pm PT / 7pm ET and/or Saturday at 10am PT / 1pm ET. They are limited to 12 people, and are pay-what-you-can.

And check out some other cool things below, too!

Ciao for now,


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Vlog: An Invitation to Stillness

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Jason & Nadïne LaFond talk Reclaiming Stories, Dismantling Narratives

This is an excerpt from Nadïne LaFond's Reclaiming Stories, Dismantling Narratives workshop, which is a part of Queering Dreams November Events.

I feel incredibly honored to co-create with Nadïne and everyone at Queering Dreams, including Co-Founder Crystal Mason. And I wanted to share this little exchange from Nadïne's workshop to show the power of reclaiming our stories and figuring out how to bring what's in our past into new contexts within our present.

Next week at Session Two, Nadïne will be using collage and assemblage art to take our presents into the future and imagine a world liberated from capitalism & White Supremacy & cisheteropatriarchy & ableism & ageism & colonialism & all oppression & tyranny.

Nadïne Makes Custom Art

QUEERSPELL: Reorienting Space & Time & Relations & Ancestors

After this last week of incredible workshops with Crystal Mason, Todd Berman, Momos Cheeskos, Nadïne LaFond, Keyssh, Kapi’olani Lee, and the Dandelion Arts Finance Training Program (more on that soon!), I am even more invigorated to cast QUEERSPELLS with Ash Tré Phillips on Monday, November 22 at 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET and on Saturday, November 27 at 11am PT / 2pm ET.

Won’t you join us for some stillness & some art-making & some stretching of time & space?

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