Art Update: A Cycle of Hermitting & Queering Dreams

After decades of carefully tending relations, a beautiful garden is growing. It's time to focus on tending that garden; to do so I need to hermit and dream.

Hey Family, Comrades, and Neighbors:

I've been furiously creating, and it's bringing to light that I need a tool to help me navigate the remainder of the year. So I looked to my surroundings to see what I could discover.

Orion greeted me one early morning reminding me that fall is here.. When my friend Mark came by for a visit, I recalled my Orion origin story, which revealed not necessarily a tool, but a focus. All my relatives.

So I’m gonna hermit a bit from now until New Year’s Day and focus on making art and tending the relations that are sustaining me. Cause god know folx are really hurting right now, and I want to be there for my family, comrades, and neighbors. And to do that, I need to not worry about missing out or keeping up, even as everything seems to be getting back to “normal”.

Then again, I’ve always been anti-normal! Normal’s so boring.

In grief, joy, love, and rage,



VLOG: A Cycle of Hermitting

Accessibility note: This video is closed captioned. You can also read a transcript of the video. I will no longer be including the full transcript within these eNewsletters to save a bit of space as there’s quite a bit to share!

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Crystal & Jason’s Comrade Questionnaire & Queering Dreams

Have you taken our Comrade Questionnaire yet? If you have, we give a little update as part of our weekly updates on Queering Dreams. This week Crystal and I talk about our pitch and possible platforms. We now have a dedicated YouTube channel just for our Queering Dreams content. And we’ll be launching an online presence soon.

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+Negatives: Anti-Shame

OMG!! Crystal got their Anti-Shame t-shirt in the mail, and they looks stunning in it. You can get your own +Negative t-shirt and declare your positively negative politics at Queerly Complex.

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#110DaysOfRitual on Instagram

Well….I am back on social media because it’s essential business.

So to make it a bit more intentional while also chronicling my early mornings, I’ve decided to launch a new project called #110DaysOfRitual. It’s inspired by an art projected I did called #100Days in the wake of the 2016 election, where I drew a selfie and articulated my values, dreams, and intentions for 100 days post inauguration. That project helped me get clear about how I saw the world and who I wanted to be amidst it.

Why 110 days? Well, there were exactly 110 days until January 1, 2022, when I started the project yesterday. And I moved to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 1997. This year marks 25 years of living on unceded Raymatush and Ohlone land.

I see altars as maps of relations, of space, of time. And in sharing these maps I hope to shed a bit of insight into the garden I’m planting for 2022.

Image descriptions: a top-down photo of the altar I set on my kitchen table on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, including a Nina Simone record, the book Condensed Chaos, my laptop, and two Tao Oracle cards. The image reads, “#110DaysOfRitual, Today’s Altar, Follow my stories for #110DaysofRitual”.

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