Dreams and questions of life, death, cosmologies, legacies, and religion
finding heaven in presence and dreams
two letters from my dad and one written by me
How do I let go of it when it feels like letting go of you?
After my letter of rage to you, I'm finding myself on a path of transformative healing leading me to abolition.
The last time I wrote to you was over two months ago, and I feel like I have been negligent to your memory.
reveling in delights and pleasures even in the face of inevitable death and preventable separation
My dad passed away on Saturday surrounded by family; I’m trying to let go
I wish you were here so we could chat about the siege on the Capitol by White Supremacists
I am simultaneously rooting and untethering, and it is resulting in some deep, hard questions.
a letter about the liberating power of unconditional love
some thoughts about life and family and comrades and 2021 desires shared with my dad