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Welcome to Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex. I’m Jason, and you can learn a little bit about my name right here.

I’m an artist living on unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land in city named by Catholic Spanish colonizers and currently governed by the United States. My artwork is always political even when it’s just a pretty picture of something the intrigues me. And I wouldn’t and couldn’t be who I am without my amazing intergenerational community of Black, indigenous, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, Japanese, Latinx, multi-racial, Chinese, Hawaiian, and no-label-can-define-me artists + activists + educators + librarians + comrades.

In 2021, I am embracing a more metaphysical approach to life, art, and politics. My dad died of mantle cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma on Saturday, December 26, 2020, and his death and our relations is revealing a cosmos I hadn’t really understood before. It’s time for me to go on an expedition and discover more of who I am.

I’m a Gemini. While I’ve never really gotten into astrology, I need some guideposts to help me navigate where it is I am actually going. Given that I am going to the cosmos, looking to the stars seems a perfect place to find inspiration. And what better stars than the ones present at my birth. I guess that’s the power of astrology: it marks time and space.

Starting today, January 1, 2021—a day that also marks 23 years of living in San Francisco—I’m launching my paid subscription model. It’s an experiment in autonomously exploiting my self for $6.12 per month. I’ve never done anything like this before.

Gemini signifies twin, and the two levels of subscription—free + paid—reflect self + shadow-self, heads + tails, yang + yin.

My memoir, educational, and political art and writing will always remain free.

It is crucial to me that things that further our be-ing always remain free and public and shareable. I have found myself too often asked to privatize intellectual property that is not solely mine.

Memoir, education, and politics are never individual. They are collective.

My art centered on my physical body will be exploited for $6.12/month.

I am most comfortable selling my body. I did it as a go-go dancer and stripper. I also did it as a dishwasher and barista. In fact, I even sold my body while working in non-profits; it’s just never considered that because it’s labeled “respectable”.

I don’t care about being respectable; I’ve always been a deviant.

My paid content is R-rated.

If I am exploiting my body, I choose to do so in a manner that fully embraces my queerly complex being. I want to have fun, and this is Jason Wyman is Queerly Complex after all.

Posts will include selfies, portraits, gifs, photos, illustrations, and poems that are beautiful, pleasing, discomfiting, or disorienting. Some will be adult-themed, and all posts will not necessarily be R-rated.

I also believe in being transparent about the kinds of content that will go up. Some of my art may be more provocative than what you normally associate with Jason Wyman.

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