For three months, we've been making edits behind-the-scenes to Queerly Complex. Now, we invite you into our vibrant, queer, weird world.
My first post of the (Gregorian Calendar) New Year brings me back to my practice of self portraiture.
Even amidst the grief and the rage and the terror and the joy and the love, we must find ways to co-create belonging.
It's been almost a year since your death, and I am still grieving.
This is a cross-post with Queering Dreams, an affiliated network of independent artists, cultural workers, educators, organizers, and community…
After a very full November, I took some time to reflect and discovered something new for 2022.
A short morality tale written in 2017 is illuminated in a new light by "A Space for Dreaming Abolition," and a major edit occurs as a means to reorient
As I said in the first update this week, there's A LOT going on. Like a lot of a lot. What I'm learning is stillness is healing. Even amidst the…
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